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Panel Discussion

Panel discussion panelists

 Tetsumi Takara 高良鉄美

Former, Dean University of the Ryukyus Law School, Teaching Constitutional Law.
琉球大学法務研究科 教授。国際沖縄研究所所属
研究テーマ:議会と行政府間関係(憲法的考察) , 沖縄問題と憲法 , 平和主義と憲法原理

Presentation theme: “Japanese constitutional history and the battle of Okinawa

Dr. Tetsuo Kotani 小谷哲男

Adjunct Instructor, Hosei University, Tokyo. Specialty: US-Japan Alliance, Maritime  Security,
Fellow The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA).

Presentation theme: TBD

Naoya Iju 伊集直哉

Director of Regional Security Policy Division, Executive Office of the Governor of Okinawa.
Presentation theme: “The Japan-US-Security Arrangements and Okinawa”


Col Grant Newsham グラント・ニューシャム

USMCR (United States Marine Corps Reserve) Active Duty in Tokyo, Former, US Diplomat, US Embassy, Tokyo, Lawyer.
米海兵隊連絡将校大佐 東京にて任務。元在日米大使館勤務、弁護士。

Presentation theme: “Okinawa, a Japanese Singapore?

Tomohiro Yara 屋良朝博

Freelance Writer, Former Writer/Editorial of Okinawa Times on U.S. Bases in Okinawa

Presentation theme: “Is there democracy for Okinawa?

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