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– How much do Okinawans worry about China? (Kotani)

– Has the necessity for marines in okinawa been proven or established? (Newsham)

– facing chinese military enlargement in the pacific ocean, what must be prepared both militarily and non militarily?

–  Regarding the proposal, skipping Okinawa in the US marine rotation, how do you think we can deal with PRC’s A2AD move into 1st and 2nd island chain? If Okinawa was skipped, there would be a huge military vacuum in the middle of East China Sea, where PRC perceives to be easiest path through to the open water (mostly by PLA Navy Ships and submarines). (Yara)

– Why can’t we strive for an integrated Asian Alliance much like the European Union, why does Japan need to take a defensive strategy? (Kotani)

– In your second geopolitical scenario with counter balancing powers, how is this like a Cold War scenario and what are concrete steps that that can be taken to start Okinawa on path to your third scenario “liberal Asia”?(Kotani)

– Are U.S. bases in Okinawa still as important as they were in the Cold War? Who are they protecting Japan from? Are they really effective there now?

– (Newsham, Kotani) How do we have ineffective consultation of Okinawa in a bilateral (U.S.-Japan) agreement?

– When will Japan stop relying on U.S. for military defense, and if they do would Okinawa object to having Japanese bases on the islands vs. U.S. Bases? (Kotani/Newsham)

– (Newsham) Singapore as a model is interesting, however that city state also has strong military presence with advanced military technologies. Do you need military bases in Okinawa?

– (Newsham) How can the presence of military be maintained or improved while relieving Okinawa of some of the immediate problems of greatest concerns?

– Is there too much reliance on the alliance as an explanatory tool when articulating US & Japanese security cooperation to our respective publics? What other ways besides “trust me, you might need the us in the future to act in your defense” can we articulate the need for us-japan security cooperation (and maybe bases)?

– Which is important? If Japan is expecting to enhance its self-defense ability, japan needs to change article 9. Which is more important to change article 9 or to enhance defense power?

– Many bad reputation on Osprey, isn’t it all about the bad pilot?

– (Kotani) In your opinion, if Japan, China, and North Korea get into conflict, would US forces

get involved?

– (Kotani) Can Japan defend from China the nation without us military?

– (Kotani, Iju) What are some of the other non-economic, non-political benefits of us military bases for japan/okinawa?


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