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– Is it possible to move the bases off of okinawa to japan, hawaii, guam, australia, etc? form a military perspective? or from political perspective?

– Other than Futenma, what are issues related to other bases that support moving bases form Okinawa? (Iju)

– (Yara & Iju) In light of encroachment problems around Futenma, causing operational and safety challenges to US service members and okinawa residents, in your opinion, should the opg strengthen and enforce zoning laws in okinawa in general to prevent schools or hospitals being built too close to military bases?

– What is the current situation with building of base in henoko? are the locals still protesting and blocking construction> is the US going ahead and building a base dispite protests? What is status of lawsuit against u.s. and department of defense protecting the dugong and okinawan environment? (Yara)

– Is it feasible/political acceptable to expand SDF bases on mainland and/or replace us bases on Okinawa with sdf on mainland japan? What other locations in japan could bases be relocated to (Kotani, Takara, Yara)

– Do you think the Futenma to Henoko move will happen? If so, when?

– Is there are concession plan besides relocation of the base to Guam? Any oppositinos from Guam, Australia, Hawaii, Philippines and Thai?

– (Yara) Ideally it is a good idea to move the bases out of okinawa but there is also a possibility of moving Futenma to Henoko. A large percentage of local people in Henoko have agreed to the relocation but the newly elected mayor declined with support.  What do you think about this situation?

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