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– How can we increase the responsiveness of the central government to the prefectural and people of Okinawa?

– (Yara, Kotani) Has the topic of increase independence and reduced economic regulation, such as tax breaks been discussed by the japanese central government? what are the walls that are preventing that scenarios from moving forward?

– (Yara) The reason of bases in okinawa is political but we were wondering there’s unconscious discriminatory political attitude among japanese toward okinawans that reflect okinawa is not an equal part of japan but rather a subordinate nation what do you think about that?

– (Newsham) Who actually decides if forces move and bases close? (President? prime minister? sec. of defense? Joint chiefs? Generals? Congress? Governors?)

– (N/Kotani) How can OKinawa political and economic autonomy be strengthened in the face of tokyo’s authority to bring about the positive changes needed for the betterment of the island?

– Are all of Okinawan’s communities suffering from U.S. military occupation example: Henoko v.s. Naha

– (Kotani) Why is it ok for the USA to have some 1,000 bases worldwide? Would it be “ok” if China to spread their flag around the world [like the event design] if not, how can we have lasting global security under one empire of bases?

– Why is this conference operate under the assumption that u.s. military occupation is inevitable? Why are the voices of our elders, our ancestors, calling for peace, stating “nuchi du takara”-all life is a treasure, denied at this conference? Why do we operate under a militarists viewpoint & not explore other options, including decolonization of okinawa independence? (Takara)

– Given Morimoto (Japanese Defense Sec.) admission that bases in Okinawa is not military necessity, but political expediency, why cannot the impacted citizens make decisions? (Takara)

– Do you believe that Okinawa can achieve democracy in this current political structure as one of japanese prefectures?

– (Iju) We have witnessed numerous rallies protests held in Okinawa over many years over us base issues, rapes, but japanese government took no actions to help reduce the us base burden on okinawans. How is it that their votes, voices, needs for quality of life go on without any changes, only met with further destruction-yanbaru, henoko. When will people needs be met?

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