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– What do you foresee in terms of economic, land use, employment when all the military base land is returned in next 10 years? (Takara)

– Okinawa has suffered the burden of us bases (on behalf of japan) for the past 65 years. will japanese government provide “reparations” to okinawa citizens and opg in terms of 1 freedom to provide tax breaks to businesses as recommended by Newsham? 2 Free courage tuition for okinawa students 3 improving education system in okinawa to prepare students for high-paying job

– If U.S. military bases in okinawa moves to another prefecture, okinawa’s economy may suffer. What should japan do to help okinawa?

– (Newsham) I believe there is a strong interest in tourism in Taiwan, and interest to develop tourism and trade with okinawa. Yet currently, there are only a few charter flights to the southern islands, why has it been so hard to support this obvious international trade route and tourist market?

– (Newsham) 1 logistical capacity for more business in okinawa ( new runway at naha airport?) will okinawans accept it? 2. how can we create more higher paying/higher quality jobs on base for okinawans?

– What would be the economic impact if the bases closed?

– (N) How would U.S. military facilities/forces have to be transformed to facilitate a singaporean economic development model?

– (Newsham) Your argument compares okinawa to singapore. considering that singapore is a sovereign nation state, able to make its own decision, are you advocating that okinawa should have more autonomy?

– Should Okinawa learn from Singapore instead of Japan?

– It’s interesting to see Hawai’i is trying to attract US military because of economic benefit while okinawa tries to get rid of. Who benefits economically from us military in okinawa now? Japanese gvt or Okinawan gvt?

– (Takara) With electronic communication available, distance in geography is irrelevant, how can you say okinawa is important in linking tokyo and manila? (Takara)


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