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History of “Uchinanchu Talk Story” Series

2010: Social and cultural group international networking

In October 2010, the first “Uchinanchu Talk Story” was held in conjunction with the 15th Annual WUB Network Conferencein Honolulu.

Hawaii social and cultural groups shared information about their organizations and strengthened relationships with other Uchinanchu.

It attempted to define the “Uchinanchu Spirit”; how do these organizations contribute to that spirit; and what is the future of the “Uchinanchu Spirit.”

2012: Identity and future of Uchinanchu

This discourse continued with the 2nd Uchinanchu Talk Story about what young people want for Okinawa and what motivates young people.

It also explored the cultural dichotomy between “cultural purity” and modern/main-stream society and touched upon political issues such as base closures and environmetal issue.

Consequently, “Talk Story 2” brought together young and old Uchinanchu to talk about the legavy for Uchinanchu and address the question about what lies ahead for the next generation.

It was revealed that Uchinanchu have a Chibariyo or “Go for It” attitude, and “Uchinanchu Talk Story 3” is the direct result of these earlier endeavors.

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