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Feb/ 22/2013
The East-West Center, Akisamiyo-! Club, and WUB (Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) Hawaii are proud to sponsor The 3rd Uchinanchu Talk Story: Military Base Issues in Okinawa Conference.”Talk Story 3″ will be a full day of activities and discussion focused on issues related to the US military bases in OKinawa. Both local and foreign participants and dignitaries will enjoy the “Chimugukuru” of this “talk story” conference.

This event will present different views from the perspectives of the Okinawan Prefectural Government, US Military, Japanese central government, Hawaii State government, University of the Ryukyus, University of Hawaii, and Okinawan communities in Okinawa and Hawaii.

The purpose of this forum is to make it possible for all interested parties in the community to hear all sides of this very important issues.

It will be the first such public forum in Hawaii and perhaps the entire world.

The event will be interactive and include small group discussions to explore in depth issues of common interest.

Like previous talk story events, this should prove to be extremely enjoyable, enlightening, and engaging.

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